Seismic Calculator

This calculator is based on a spacing of 8 metres for lateral (side) bracing and 16 metres for transverse (fore and aft) bracing. Simply complete in the below for and click calculate. This will populate the tables below with all of the items you require.

When the calculation is complete, click the 'Get a Quote' button under the results tables below.

Values to Calculate

Calculation Results

Detail Result
Length of run entered (m): 0m
Minimum No. of Lateral sets: 0/8m = 0
Minimum No. of Transverse sets: 0/16m = 0
Hanger length entered (m): 0m
Bracing angle entered (in degrees °):

Total Order

Qty Unit Part Number/Description

Parts Breakdown Detail

Parts Part # Set Qty Descripton Total Unit
Lateral Set Components
Brace to Bracket
Stiffener for Trapeze rods
Transverse Set Components
Brace to Bracket