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  • Competitively priced
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With our assurance on quality.
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  • Certified to perform to NEMA VE1 standards.
  • Rival Channel and other parallel systems with seamless versatility, assembly and easy integration
  • Manufactured at Auckland plant.


Our Advantage:

Mechanical support system offers a diverse range of cable ladders made from a variety of materials, with a wide choice of cabling depths and load capabilities. They provide a cable management solution for heavy commercial, industrial, mining, LNG or other applications.

They are supplied in straight lengths but use fittings to make directional or level changes with bends, tees, crosses or risers, or to change cabling widths with reducers.

Cable ladders are generally offered in and tested to meet levels of performance in accordance with NEMA standards – NEMA 12A, NEMA 12B, NEMA16A, and NEMA 20A.



Our Advantage:

Mechanical Support Systems (MSS) can easily and efficiently supply your cable baskets (also referred to as basket tray, cable basket tray, cable mesh, mesh wire tray, cable wire tray, cablofil basket or acrofil basket).

A strong yet flexible solution is needed to meet the demands of the power, data and systems cabling being installed in modern buildings.

Mechanical Support Systems Cable Basket system provides that solution. Adhering to the RIS (Rapid Installation Systems) philosophy, the integral coupler simply pushes together to form a secure joint.

Feature: easy to install, excellent cable ventilation, energy saving, easy for maintenance and update

Our Advantage:

Mechanical Support Systems (MSS) can effortlessly supply your cable trunking (also referred to as steel trunking or cable ducting), and we guarantee that our cable trunking meets and fulfills all manufacturing and performance standards.

Joining lengths together or to fittings used to make bends, rises, tees or crosses in your cabling network supported by duct is achieved with the built in splices. Mechanical Support Systems offers a clip on lid style cable duct for fast installation, but if extra security of cables is needed, a screw on lid option is offered too.

When to use cable trunking:

  • Use cable trunking when cables need to be fully enclosed so they don't get tampered with e.g. data or fibre optics.
  • Use cable trunking with short cable runs.


Our Advantage:

Mechanical Support Systems’ (MSS) metal framing steel channel systems (also referred to as channel, strut, channel strut, P1000, Framing channel, rolled formed channel, metal framing channel or U channel).

Our metal framing steel channel support electrical cable trays and cable ladders . Our 18 years combined industry experience means we give you the best metal framing advice and we guarantee that our metal framing will fulfil your needs as well as meet all industry manufacturing and performance standards.

Strut /channels are structural supports, used mainly in the construction industry, a strut channel is three-sided, with the side panels having inward-facing lips for added strength and support. A slotted channel has holes or slots to the top of the strut for more attachment flexibility. Mechanical support system has a wide selection of strut channel accessories, flat washers, and conduit hangers and clamps too.Mechanical Support Systems’ (MSS) metal framing steel channel systems (also referred to as channel, strut, channel strut, P1000, Framing channel, rolled formed channel, metal framing channel or U channel) .


Fast, Easy, Efficient.

Utilizing the latest in European Innovation M.S.S. has been supplying an alternative to traditional trapeze supports since 2016.

With costs escalating in the construction industry and more regulations around seismic requirements and Occupational Health and Safety issues the Solid Hanger System offers many solutions.

  • Labour saving - no nuts, bolts or cutting required, simply click to lock in place
  • No need for trapeze supports of multiple tiers
  • All applications are side loading for cable pulling
  • Seismically compliant in many applications (depending on loads and span between supports)
  • Galvanised finish suited for most internal and external applications
  • Cable Mesh simply lock into place without the need for fasteners
  • Compatible EMT3 Cable Tray


Our extensive inventory of quality product lines sourced locally enabling a fast, efficient sales and dispatch service you can trust and rely on every time.

Our material calculators work out the correct fastenings and quantities based on the requirements. Matching the suspension type with the surface its going into and calculating for the metres required.

Our expert staff can advise you if you have any specific requirements.